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Rent an Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand

In today’s world, people are concerned about viruses, bacteria, and germs, especially if they visit a public gathering or event. Our Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stands offer a solution that will make your event or business much more sanitized and clean. We offer an Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand Rental with an all-weather steel design that is fabricated for frequent use with safety features and cleanliness as a top priority.

They are ideal for use in any work environment or public area where a higher level of hand hygiene is required. Our affordable pricing makes the Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand rentals a perfect choice to ensure the safety of those around you during any public event.

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Quick Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand Rentals

  • How Much Do Hand Sanitizer Stand Rentals Cost?

Outdoor hand sanitizer stand rentals depend on a couple of factors. Most importantly, the amount of units dictates the deal that you’ll receive, but we offer flat-rate rental pricing that is affordable and reasonable. It’s best to contact us at (800) 610-3582 and we will provide you with a free and instant estimate. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you place an order for your hand sanitizer stand with us.

Why Our Hand Sanitizer Stand Rental Services?

In our outdoor hand sanitizer stand rentals, the 65%+ alcohol-based solution kills 99% of viruses and germs on hands. Each hand sanitizing cartridge provides up to 700 uses, has a locking mechanism to keep the solution secure, and comes with a regular monthly refill and service.

The Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stand is perfect for construction sites, municipalities, businesses, and events. These hand sanitizer stands have become very popular in recent months so we are on a limited supply.

Hand Sanitizer Stand Rentals We Offer:

  • Indoor Design
  • Outdoor Design
  • Desktop Design